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What is gm system?

Garcia Marin System, S.L was founded in 1993 as a provider of solutions in pneumatic automation and lubrication systems, for all kind of process and industrial activities.
Our strength lies in the group of people that make up the company. Promoting companionship and equality between them.
This is the only way, we can give our clients the best solution for their projects.
Strong engineering, as well as a highly qualified technical team allows us to take on complex pneumatic developments, where flexibility, simplicity and new technologies are always present.

We love challenges!

We distribute several international brands, with them we guarantee a good balance between quality and price, we consider that it should always be present.
We have our own machining workshop with first-rate machinery. We depend on ourselves to provide fast and reliable response to our clients.
Specific quality controls throughout the entire production process, guarantee a Highest quality finished product.

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Since 1993

More than 25 years giving service
Always betting on the strength of our team. Promoting equality.

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Specialized in pneumatics and lubrication systems

Global solution in industrial automation. We respond to all types of projects, no matter how complex.

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Own workshop with first class machinery. Same adaptation for small or large productions. Quality guaranteed. Magi Pneumatic.

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Flexibility and adaptation

Aware of the current dynamism that the market requires. We adapt ourselves providing solutions to your needs.

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Technical office

Our own engineering allows us to address and respond to complex approaches from our clients.

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Maintenance and technical service

We provide maintenance and repair service. Knowing the current market emergencies, we offer a fast and technical service.

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Our history
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Company foundation. With more than 15 years in the industrial automation sector, the partners García and Marín founded the company García Marín System S.L.
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We achieved exclusive distribution for the whole of Spain of the Italian brands ILC and KPM. Both are accompaning us throughout our history.
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New headquarters acquisition to carry out our commercial activity.
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We started our own products manufacturing. Magi pneumatic international brand was born.
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Remodeling and upgrade of Company Facilities.
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New installations acquisition to own production process.
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Acquisition for another industrial warehouse for production and assembly process.
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We started the manufacture and merchantability of our TarGrid brand. Specialized in the production of metallic mats for occupational health.


At Garcia Marin system we reduce, reuse and recycle.

We are a company committed to the environment, we know that our way of acting has a great impact, for this reason, we are making a responsible use of the daily resources in all our facilities.