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Lubrication systems for the chains

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Good lubrication is necessary to avoid wear and extend the useful life of chains in industrial machinery. The best automated greasing system for chains is the lubetools. This system requires compressed air to spray the lubricant on the chain without generating mist in the environment. This system allows you to regulate the dosage of each projected drop and automation can go to the point of projecting the drop on each bolt using detection systems as it passes.

Controls the chain lubrication for optimal lubrication with a lubetools system

The results obtained installing a lubetool system are:

  • Higher productivity due to the increase in the useful life of the chain and to the reduction of unplanned stops.
  • Lower energy consumption due to the fact that less friction makes the consumption of the trolling motors less
  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • Less lubricant quantity, because when the applicatation of the lubricant is manuality it cannot accurate at the same way in the dosification

Using an automatic lubrication system, we achieve uniform lubrication of the moving chain without exposing an operator to the risk of an accident, accessing areas that are difficult to access or are dangerous due to the moving elements that surround them.

Chain lubrication solution

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