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Lubrication systems for contruction



In the Construction sector, the most common system is the progressive system with Grease. This sector is worked by Progressive system which use automatic pumps that work in conjunction with the machine. The lubrication of the different supports and in addition the creation of a protective layer of grease that helps prevent the presence of dust and impurities in the bearings is insured.  This guarantee a longer life and efficiency of the machine. We achieve all the points lubrication even if they are in positions difficult to reach manually. It’s possible the control element installation in the circuit, allowing the control of the system and verifying by remote transmission of an alarm signal.

The results obtained with the installation of a lubrication system are:

  • Increased productivity thanks to the increase in the useful life of the device and the reduction of unexpected stops.
  • Reduced operating costs, lower energy consumption (less friction), fewer spare parts, less maintenance.
  • Less wear, regular and automatic, precise and controlled metering of lubricant at short intervals. Elimination of the risk that some points are lubricated excessively and others are ignored.
  • Increased safety the operator should not stay near areas that are difficult to access or dangerous.