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Pressure switch

Pressure Switch


Adjustable Pressure Switch

With this pressure switch you can increase or decrease the pressure setting what you need in each application. Connector plug included.


Pneumatic connection: G1/8
Work pressure:: 1 – 12 bar

Digital display pressure switch

presostato digital

Digital display pressure switch

This pressure switch is digitally regulated, with a wide measurement range option, and higher precision. PNP or NPN output to be chosen. Make your choice between different types of assemblies, either by bracket or panel.


Pneumatic connection: Male 1/8; female M5

Pressure Switch

We have adjustable and digital pressure switches, depending on your needs and the application where it is to be installed, you can choose a manual pressure switch where a pressure is set or a digital version. They are highly recommended for the applications to detect an increase or a drop in the pressure on the line.

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