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ILC Distributors


At García Marín system we are the official distributors of all ILC centralised lubrication products in Spain.


ILC is a company with almost 50 years of experience in the sector. It is one of the most important component manufacturers in centralised lubrication.

Within a short period of time, ILC has achieved a leading position in the world market for centralised lubrication components. In fact, ILC increases its turnover, its size, its organisational level, to the point of becoming an important reality thanks to commercial partnerships that have ensured it a direct presence in the main markets.


In its extensive production centres they work with state-of-the-art machines that allow them to manufacture, with extreme flexibility and precision, all the components for the assembly lines.

García Marín System has complete confidence in ILC products. They have a Research and Development Department that is the real driving force behind ILC innovation: through sophisticated design and prototyping systems, its task is to translate, in a short time and with highly reliable results, the countless demands of customers, creating products for lubrication systems that are technologically advanced and innovative from the manufacturing point of view. We make all our centralised lubrication systems increasingly more precise, reduce costs and give an added value to the machines on which they are installed.

We distribute new greasing techniques and new automation systems in centralised lubrication. IEverything to offer the best products.

LC’s values are quality and precision

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You can find out more about the centralised lubrication systems we offer here.

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For other enquiries, whether you want to incorporate a centralised greasing system into an existing machine, or you need us to help you design the ideal system for your prototype application, or if you need spare parts, please contact us and our technicians will help you with whatever you need.