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Pumping element for an ILC MAX


Pumping groups for an ILC MAX

A pumping group is an element incorporated in Ilc pumps to pump lubricant into the lu-brication circuit.


We have two types of pumping units for ILC MAX pumps

  • – The first is the fixed flow group.
    As its name suggests, it has a fixed flow rate of 0.16 cm2 per motor rotation. The flow rate per minute can vary depending on the supply voltage of the motor, and is 3.68 cm³ (12 V DC) / 3.52 cm³ (24 V DC) / 4.64 cm³ (230 V AC) / 4.96 cm³ (115 V AC).
  • The second is the adjustable flow unit.
    In this, you can regulate the quantity between 0 and 0.16 cm2, depending on what you need. The flow rate per minute is 0.23 – 3.68 cm³ (12 V DC) / 0.22 – 3.52 cm³ (24 V DC) / 0.29 – 4.64 cm³ (230 V AC) / 0.31 – 4.96 cm³ (115 V AC).


If you have an ILC MAX pump, and you wish to install a pump unit or change the pumping element, here are the steps to follow for correct installation and optimum pump operation.

1.- The plastic sealing plug must be removed to fit a new pumping element in the pump. If what we must do is to replace a pumping element, firstly we must disassemble the existing one, but taking care to tilt the group at a 30º angle before removing it, otherwise we run the risk of the piston remaining inside the pump, which could cause irreparable damage to it.

2.- Insert the new pumping group with an approximate inclination of 30º in the pump body.

3.- When the bolt has been inserted, it will have entered the eccentric, then you only must screw the group with a spanner.

NOTE: It must not exceed a force of 25-30 Newtons.

You can watch this video to see how to correctly fit a pump unit.


We can regulate the flow rate with the screw on the pumping group. First, we must loosen the nut (Pos. C) now we can turn the adjusting screw (Pos. B) to one side or the other. Turning it clockwise will reduce the flow rate. Turning it anticlockwise increases the flow rate.

  • If the screw is at 22.5 mm, it will give a flow rate of 75%.
  • If the screw is at 17.5 mm, the flow rate of the pump will be 0

Once the desired value is set, it is important to re-lock the screw by tightening the nut (Pos. C).


It is important not to exceed 23.6 mm.


You can also watch this video to see how to adjust the pump unit step by step.

If you have any doubts about the pumping groups or if you want to buy them, please contact us and we will help you with whatever you need.