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Automatic lubrication system


Automatic lubrication system

In the industry there is a wide range of elements that need to be lubricated Each one has specific specifications, as they are: the frequency, the different lubricants, dosages, etc. Manual greasing of all the points that need to be lubricated can be a complex task, not only for the time lost in maintenance, also due for the difficult access or the danger of some points.

For all the industries, automatic lubrication very important. With the automatic centralized greasing system, you can regulate the flow rate that you want in the lubrication points and program the time periods in which you want these points to be lubricated, in this way you can maintain a periodicity and regularity that will be vital for the useful life of your parts, as well as avoiding having one or more people doing this maintenance.

There are different types of centralized lubrication systems. It all depends on the material, the type of lubricant, the application, the surface to be lubricated, the type of sector and its purpose.

Different lubrication systems are available, but they all have the same advantages:

Advantages of automatic lubrication:

  • Optimum maintenance. Reduced wear due to regular dosing.
    • No over-lubrication. We manage to reduce contamination and residues that can be damaging to the application.
    • We achieve an exact lubrication without being minimal or scarce. In this way we achieve a longer useful life. Eliminating premature repairs, downtime, or high repair costs.
  • Increased safety for personnel who must lubricate manually. There are complex and difficult to access places such as ovens, cranes, harvesters, etc With an automatic system the number of times they are exposed is reduced.
  • Reduce costs.
    • Elimination of operator time in manual and continuous greasing of lubrication points.
    • Reduced cost of breakdowns.
    • Reduction in lubricant consumption.
    • Avoid losses due to having to stop a machine for unscheduled repair.
  • Respect for the environmentas it achieves an exact lubrication and reduce the contamination.

With all of this we can see that investing in an optimal automatic lubrication system becomes a good way to save on the maintenance of machinery, tools or applications in the sector.

We offer the solution for each of the different centralized greasing systems you need. Together with our industry-leading lubrication brand, ILC, we offer all the necessary elements to create a complete system and grease all the necessary points.

With ILC lubrication systems we guarantee lubrication at all greasing points reliable

clean – precise – constant – long useful life


The right lubricant – The right dosage – The right lubrication point – At the right moment

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