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Launching of GM SYSTEM’S new website

GM System

Launching of GM SYSTEM’S new website, new styling and more functional

The new website is already here. Design improvements makes the new styling and other upgrades mean it is more functional for all of us than ever. Here is it! This website offers a new point of view, the products more detailed and separated by families. New products and new sections are available.

Sections of the GM System new website

At home page there are the large range of families of GM System products, this is divided into Pneumatic products, Products for lubrication systems, Guides and structural profiles and finally, our new additional of Hydraulic products section, with hoses, control units and hydraulic cylinders.

Let us show you everything you need, click here!

Each section is presented by sub-families making easier the product location. The final product is found with highlighted information, catalogue and 3D file if it’s available.

In this way you could check the product features and details solving your possible questions immediately, anyway, we are glad to solve any question, feel free to contact us!

In the browser navigation menu there is news section, you are right there. The breaking news will upload here, also communications about our products and information of interest.

Another of the new sections is the technical information one,

currently there is all the catalogs of our products and the 3D files that are available. In addition, we have a subsection with automatic calculations to help you. More information will be added from your FAQs.

Moreover, in order to help you to find

what you really need omitting by the family search, we offer the search engine possibility, writing the key words about what you are looking for and you will be redirected to the pages that contain the word.

Do not hesitate, take a look, go to each section and check the entire web. We hope you like it and above all that it is useful to you.

Here we go! This starts right now!