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DPX distributors


DPX Progressives

What is a DPX distributor?

DPX distributors are elements that distribute the grease or oil through the progressive system. With specific flow rates, through the tubes that transport the lubricant to each point to be lubricated, these will be lubricated. This system is often used in industrial machines, food industry, wind energy sector, agricultural vehicles, construction vehicles, municipal vehicles, etc.

Elements of a DPX

The main point about these progressive DPX distributors is that at least have to be three elements: an initial block, an intermediate block and a final block. The maximum DPX elements can be 12 elements, 24 grease points.

There are elements of different flow rates, the smallest is 25, followed by 45, 75, and the highest flow rate is 105. Depending of each application, the elements in the DPX can have same flow rate or make the combination that is needed.

Covering the outlets of a DPX

These elements have two outlets in each side but and we can cover one of them for have the double flow rate in the outlet of the other side.

For cover one outlet, first we must take out the spike and the small ball that are inside and then cover the outlet with a plug and seal.

Never can be cover the two outlets of the same element. If you need to cover two outlets of the same element, you can do it with a bridge manifold. Then the flow rates will be added to the next outlets.

Taking in consideration this information, we have to be clear  the points that we want to lubricate and the flow rate necessary for have  adequate lubrication.

With this information and knowing how we can assemble these DPX we can have an idea of the distributors that our progressive lubrication system will need.

If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us and our technical department will help you to design the best solution for your application.

Below you can see a video where you can visually appreciate what has been explained above.