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Lubrication in the food industry


Lubrication for machinery in the food industry

The lubrication system in the food industry and all the machinery used in it is becoming increasingly necessary.

Contamination, moisture and high temperatures, together with poor lubrication, either too little, too little or too much, have a negative impact on the functionality of the machinery. Centralised lubrication is therefore necessary to reduce costs and increase production with optimum performance.

Why is centralised lubrication necessary?

Continuous and automated food processing needs every bearing, gear and chain to work perfectly. Incorrect lubrication causes more than 35% of all premature bearing failures, so frequent and adequate lubrication must be provided, creating a film of lubricant that reduces wear and tear and removes contaminants. With optimum lubrication, we manage to reduce the number of breakdowns, repair costs and, above all, production stoppages, which are equivalent to large losses

It is necessary to detect the needs of each machine and determine which lubrication system is the most suitable.

We have a highly qualified technical team that will help you determine which system is appropriate for the application you are carrying out. It is necessary to know how often greasing is required and the points where there is friction, so that we can automate the lubrication of these points.

Increase your machine’s potential with good lubrication.

Regardless of the application, ILC products offer solutions that lubricate each moving part properly. In addition, we design the centralised lubrication system that best suits your application.

You will achieve:

  • Reduction of unnecessary stoppages
  • Less cost for premature repairs
  • Reduced grease or lubrication oil consumption/cost.
  • Prolonged repair interval times
  • Increase the service life of machinery and machine parts
  • Eliminate risks for operators as they no longer must manually lubricate in hazardous locations.
  • Increased profitability and productivity
  • Reducing environmental impact with fair lubrication
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduce waste

We offer technical advice and high-quality products for system selection and installation, which are tailored to the specific requirements of each application, increasing performance.

Here are some of the applications where good lubrication is needed in the food industry:

Canning, confectionery, beverage packaging, breweries, wineries, dairies, bakeries, sugar factories, precooking and cooking, milling, feed compounding, etc.

Finally, in addition to the correct lubrication system, the design of the lubrication system to reach all the points to be lubricated must consider that the oil or grease used must be suitable for this sector to avoid any type of contamination of the processing equipment. It is necessary to use food grade lubrication.


If you would like us to help you design the appropriate system for your project, please contact us.