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How to improve machine tool efficiency


MACHINE TOOL How to improve the efficiency of these machines?

The cooling and lubrication of machine tool is one of the main systems that must be integrated into this type of machine for correct operation and a long service life.

It is important to have a correct lubrication, to achieve a thin and uniform layer, without excesses or drips.

For the machine tools to work without problems, the ingress of cutting fluid, the ingress of contaminating dirt, humidity during machining, extreme temperatures, etc. must be taken into account. Accurate lubrication can regulate both the temperature of the workpieces, the removal of contamination, lowering of the temperature, etc.

Inadequate lubrication, either too much or too little lubricant, causes up to 36% of premature bearing failures.

What is the best lubrication system for machine tool?

We achieve the best performance by integrating a lubetools system, also called a minimum lubrication system. It is a system that disperses ultra-fine aerosol oil particles without creating any mist. It also reduces the high temperatures in these areas.

This system is applied in metal working, i.e. chip removal processes, in deformation where emulsions and cooling liquids are used.

Some of the applications that must have a lubrication system are:

  • Tool sharpening
  • Transmission coils and belts
  • Chains
  • Stamping machine
  • Milling machine
  • Industrial marking
  • Calibration machine
  • Roller machine
  • Punching machine
  • Folding machine
  • Punching machine
  • Threading machine
  • Drilling machine
  • Lathe
  • Conveyor
  • Circular sawing machine
  • Band sawing machine

Operation of the minimum lubrication system

The lubricant is dispensed from the pneumatic pump to the point of contact with the workpiece. This system ensures that no mist is created, so it is not harmful to operators in the vicinity.

The lubricant is consumed in the course of the work carried out on the part so that neither the machine nor the part must be cleaned afterwards, thus increasing the productivity of the process.

Another advantage to be considered is that it increases the service life of the tools used. This is due to the fact that a moderate ambient temperature is maintained by the air that is expelled through the tube where the lubricant exits.

Advantages of minimal lubrication on machine tool

  • To cover the surface that needs to be lubricated
  • Cool the parts
  • Protects the elements being lubricated from corrosion
  • Keeps the circuit clean of impurities
  • Clean environment and safe environment
  • Improved surface finish
  • Precise lubrication for each point to be lubricated
  • Frequency cycling is possible.

In addition to the advantages of the lubetools system, we have some advantages in common with any centralized lubrication system.

  • Extend the useful life of our machines and of each of the parts that have friction between them
  • To reduce the costs of unnecessary stoppages
  • Respect the environment with minimum lubrication
  • Save on costs by using the right lubrication
  • Reduce maintenance costs and time spent on maintenance
  • Eliminate risks, operators do not have to lubricate manually in dangerous places.
  • Increased productivity


Ask us about your doubts. We will advise you on the design of the lubrication system, from the tank and the recommended lubricant to the nozzle that will lubricate the part.