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How to lubricate transmission elements?


transmission elements

When design manufacture a machine it is important to know the lubrication system to be used.

Is important to know if we want to lubricate with grease or oil, the points to be lubricated and in this way we will be able to detect which lubrication system need.

The bearings, linear guides, slides, spindles and all transmission elements are lubricated with the chosen system.


What systems are used for these applications?

Progressive system:

This system is apply it when exist friction between the pieces  in small or  medium  machines that needs continuous lubrication. It provides all these points with a pre-defined quantity of lubricant.

This lubricant is distributed through the main line and arrives a master distributor that divides the lubricant in the secondaries  lines and sends the lubrication through the dosing devices located at each outlet.

The applications used are: for agricultural machinery, construction machinery, public works vehicles, industrial machinery, windmills, printing machinery, etc.

This system can be used with oil and grease.


Benefits of this system:

– This type of lubrication provides a specific dosage to each point on a continuous way.

– Monitoring is simple to do and reliable.

– It is a system that can be used in complex environments.


Volumetric system:

Installed when conveyor belts surfaces have to be lubricated, as well as their guides, spindles, etc.

The main sectors where this system is applied are in the packing products , e.g.: dairy  factories, juice production,  bottled water..

and drinks like a beer, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals.

This system can be used also with oil and grease.


Benefits of this system:

– Easy to install and maintenance.

– This system is easily and simply to be expanded.

– If one point is clogged, the system continues lubricate the rest of the points.


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