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Consequences of poor lubrication in industry


Consequences of poor lubrication in industry

The correct functioning of an industrial machine and its useful life is equivalent to correct maintenance, including adequate lubrication.

This objective is achieved by detecting each point to be lubricated, choosing the right lubrication system, and using the right lubricant. In this way, proper lubrication is achieved throughout the entire machine process.

To begin with, it is a mistake to lubricate the points manually. With this type of lubrication, you either over-lubricate or you don’t get the right amount of lubricant, which can affect the performance of the machine. This is why we recommend centralised lubrication. For this type of machine, we usually recommend a progressive system, however our technical team can advise you which is best for your application and needs.

However, poor application of lubrication can lead to problems: breakages, repairs, production stoppages, waste, and increased costs. So, lubrication is essential to industrial processes and misapplication can have disastrous consequences for productivity, machine life and added costs.

What are the consequences of incorrect lubrication in industry?

  • Excessive lubrication can lead to clogging, debris, sealing failures, deterioration of parts, resulting in production downtime for repairs and maintenance.
  • If there is minimal or no lubrication, the temperature of the parts tends to rise and noise pollution can even increase. Why do you have to lubricate your machine correctly? This also leads to unplanned downtime, spare parts, cost overruns, etc.

Why do you have to lubricate your machine correctly?


  • You get an optimal maintenance
  • Reduces friction of the parts
  • Prevents deterioration of the parts
  • The lubricant cools the parts
  • Saves energy as the movement of the machine is fluid.
  • Saves the time of the person who lubricates manually.


To achieve the best performance in an industrial machine it is essential to have a correct lubrication and a good condition of the parts to be lubricated. All this is achieved with optimum maintenance.

In the industrial sector, lubrication and maintenance are the two great allies so that the equipment, which carry out different processes, work without problems.

Remember that you can count on the advice of our technical team. We will help you to choose the right system and guide you to achieve the correct lubrication for your application.