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Progressive system with master and shut-off valve system

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Difference between progressive master system and shut-off valve system

There are multiple lubrication systems, even if you go inside each system you can find different ways to use them.
In this case we are going to focus on progressive systems.

Types of progressive systems installation

We could distinguish two types of progressive lubrication systems, with master and shut-off sectioning valve system.
A progressive lubrication system can be connected to a master distributor and this distributes to the secondary distributors. In this way the lubricant is distributed to the different parts of the machine. The other system consists of several distributors with a shut-off valve installed at their inlet and all of them connected to a main lubrication line. Both systems send the grease to other distributors and these send the grease to the points to be lubricated.



The main difference is that with a master distributor that feeds the secondary distributors, you lubricate all the points of the machine in one greasing cycle. On the other hand, if you install shut-off valves at the inlet of the progressive distributors and without the master block, you can give different lubrication cycles to each of the distributors. Thus having different lubrication cycles in different parts of the machine. This way you get a more precise and efficient lubrication. For example, if you have three different blocks, each with a shut-off valve, you can lubricate the points of one block every 2 hours, the points of another block every 10 hours and the points of the third block once a month.
It should be borne in mind that a shut-off system cannot open all the valves at the same time, as the grease will go to the distributor that offers the least resistance and grease may not reach the others. For this reason, when we install a progressive lubrication system with shut-off valves, and we want to lubricate more than one distributor simultaneously, we must open the valves in cascade, i.e. we open one valve first, close it when we have completed the lubrication cycle of that distributor and then open the next valve until it completes the lubrication cycle of that distributor, and so on until the whole sequence is completed.

Which one to choose master or shut-off valve?

The decision to install one system or the other will depend on the following factors:

  • The lubrication needs of the machine.
  • The availability of inputs and outputs in the automaton of the machine to control all the necessary signals with the shut-off valves.

If you want to know more about the components of these two systems, watch this video for more information.
With master
With shut-off

If you have any questions about these systems or the purchase of the components, please contact our technical team.